We are proud to work with some of the best farmers in the country

From historic, generational lake district hill farms to modern highly productive dairy farms we are committed to working alongside farms to improve stock health in order to help your farming business

Our practice is independently owned with all of our directors involved with farm work so we understand the pressures of running a business. 

We cover a wide area of West Cumbria with 14 of our vets working on the farm side so we can draw on a large amount of shared experience and readily respond to calls up and down the county. 

The farm side of the practice is based at the Cockermouth surgery with easy access and the facilities to suit a modern large animal practice including:

  • Vet Tech service provided by our trained Registered Veterinary Nurse, Jess. Jess can undertake stress-free disbudding, vaccination, teat scoring, mobility scoring 
  • Five portable ultrasound units for pregnancy scanning and diagnosing fertility issues in sheep, cattle and camelids.
  • All the equipment and video microscopes for collection and evaluation of semen in tups and bulls.
  • High-resolution laptop ultrasound unit for scanning sheep chests for early diagnosis of OPA (Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma or "Jaagsiekte").
  • Pelvimetry equipment and software to measure pelvis sizes to avoid breeding from cattle at risk of calving difficulty.
  • An extensive range of large animal drugs, which can be ordered and collected from our Aspatria, Cockermouth, Egremont or Keswick surgeries, with advice on hand from one of our vets to discuss cases.

Many clients find it convenient to bring calves, ewes and lambings directly to the surgery.


This means a quicker service and no visit fee. To facilitate this we have heated calf pens to hospitalise calves on drips overnight and a purpose-built lambing room with custom sheep c-section tables.

Our sheep farmers can take advantage of our Flock Health Club, which provides completely bespoke support and advice for your farm, as well as a range of benefits and discounts, for just £15 a month.

We're a member of XLVets Farm, a collaborative group of over 450 farm vets with dedicated support teams, who endeavour to be nationally recognised as the quality mark for livestock veterinary services.